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Mariya Ryabushkina

Mariya  Ryabushkina
First name, Last name: Mariya Ryabushkina
Date of Birth: 13 September 1982
Address: Russie, Tula
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Samples of her messages:

Hello Owen! Thanks that you have answered my letter. Now I can tell to youmore about me! My name is Mariya.. My height – 172cm, and weight - 64kg. Now to me of 30 years, and my birthday - on September, 14th. When yourBirthday?

I live in the city Belev. It is an ancient city with rich history inthe central part of Russia. Here lives about 37 thousand persons. Theclosest big city to me - Tula (about 70 km from me), and distanceto Moscow about 400 kilometers. I do like my motherland, it’s sobeautiful here. There are many sights worth to see. In my childhood Idreamt to become actress. It’s very popular dream between girls, Ithink.)) Whom did you dream to become in the childhood?? I will try toguess. Probably pilot or the policeman?? But my dream did not becometrue.

I have finished Medical University in Tula. My education consists of 3levels: school, college, university. I have finished university when Iwas 26. Now I work a pediatrician at Children's Hospital №2. I havebeen treating children from various viral diseases. And prevention ofvarious diseases. I love my job. I like to communicate with childrenand help them!

Usually my working day was from 8am until 5pm. Every day I wake upearly in the morning at 6.30 to have time to take a shower, to have abreakfast. For some people work is burden, but not for me. My workmakes me satisfied. Sometimes I stay at work to use the internet.There are many stories with happy final about man and woman fromdifferent countries. They met each other in the internet and it helpsthem to have a meeting in real time. I dream to have a man with me,with whom I feel myself comfortable. I so want to love and be loved. Iwant to care, to feel, to be happy. I dream to make my man thehappiest man in all over the world.

I hope you liked my letter and will answer me. I will be waiting foryour A mail with impatience! I will be very happy if you write meabout your dreams, life, opinions about relations between men andwomen, about place where you live. You can tell me about everythingyou consider important. And in my next letter I will answer on allyour questions! I hope you like it.Best regards!Mariya

Scheme fraud:
  • Asks money for different purposes from men she is mailing with.

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