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Julia Fedoseenko

Julia Fedoseenko
First name, Last name: Julia Fedoseenko
Date of Birth: 19 November 1984
Country, City: Ukraine, Kiev
Address: Kiev, Ukraine
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Samples of her messages:
Hello my dear!It’s fascinating for me to wake up and know that I have such a good man like you! I have been thinking about you, you are a very kind, romantic and sociable man and communicate with you it’s a big pleasure! I feel that we have similar souls and it’s so important for me to find a person with whom I can discuss different themes, share my thoughts and be sure that this person understands me!!!! I think we will be very happy together and could create a family!!! What do you think about this, my dear??? Tell me about your family values??? How do you imagine our family life????? As for me, in my dreams I imagine me and you, all day and all night, sunrise and sunset, sea and a beach, liqueur and fruits, hugs and kisses, roses and fireworks, sand and stones, breeze and waves... What do you think about living in a house on a beach? Can people live a romantic life there or they can't feel safe especially when there is a storm? As for me I always dreamed to live near the sea. And you? Tell me about your dreams, I would like to know them!!! I wish you a good day! Your sweet candy, Julia
Scheme fraud:
  • I first started writing to Julia about three years ago on Anastasia Date. The last few months I started to feel a strong connection, till about a week ago. I suddenly learned that she does not remember me, in a chat. She started to lie and lie and tell more lies to cover her lies. Plus I found a page on Vk, clearly her boyfriend's page. He had many statement about them having sex, and even many photos, but when I wrote to him, he blocked me.

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