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Anastasiya Korolevskaya

Anastasiya  Korolevskaya
First name, Last name: Anastasiya Korolevskaya
Date of Birth: 27 February 1981
Address: Russie, Kozyatin, Vinnitskij region
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Samples of her messages:

It is really nice to meet you : ) Hope you feel the same : )) So, as i understood, your name is Andrew and what is your last name? As for my my full name is Anastasiya Korolevskaya, you can call me simply Nastya, i was born the 9th of June 1986, so i am 25 years old. Still single, even it seems strange, lots of people suggested me to go to the Miss world competitions : )) But i am actually not that enthusiastic about that, i think that i am just a simple girl, who wants to have simple women's happiness, i means family, loving husband, children, warm house it can be big or small, i don't care, just i will try my best to make it clean and comfortable. What do you think about it?

   Well, i live in Vinnitskij region, in Kozyatin town, i think that you have never heard about it, but you can find the Vinnitsa town in the map, so it is the place i live. I have not that much to tell you about this town, it is just small and nice with good friendly people. I still live with my parents, it is ok to do that before marriage. 

   As you see i speak English and nobody helps me to wright letter, i do it by my self. I have been learning English for a long time and now i am planning to learn also French and Spanish languages : ) 

 I am sure that you have lots of questions to ask me and you certainly have a right for that, i also have so many things to ask you, hope you don't mind me asking questions about your personal life. Like i want to know what do you think about being with a young lady, who is not really experienced in having long relations. You see, i have never been married and the longest term i have been with a man  was just one year of relationships. The reason i stopped all the relationships was selfishness from the side of my man. You see, i can understand everything, i know that man can be busy or stressed at work and that is why he doesn't pay attention to me, today but i know that tomorrow he will, cause will be less tired. I can understand if he has financial problems or problems at work or problems with health but i will never accept the selfishness from his side. Is there any thing that is not acceptable for you in women's character? 

 Any way, i am not going to bother you with lots of questions and just will be waiting for your answer for this letter and will send you couple of pictures of me for you to know how i look like, ok? They all were taken recently : ) 

 So, you take care of yourself and i will be waiting for your reply! 


Scheme fraud:
  • First name:Anastasia Last name:Korolevskaya Aka:unknown Age: 25 Location(s): Vinnitsa (Ukraine) Address(es): Ukraine, Vinnitsa, Krasna str., 13/25 Phone number(s): 380665334567 E-mail address(es): Operates on site(s): Bride Scam media: unknown Fake documents: unknown

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