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Some advices for men how not become victims of scammers on the Internet

Imprimer cette pageImprimer cette page gives a possibility for all men who were deceived by single women living in Ukraine or in Russia to share their deplorable experience with other men. The fraud and different machinations of women in the Internet become more and more repeated and frequent in the society.

It happens so often that a young beautiful lady starts communication with a foreign man, ask him for financial help and then break the communication after obtaining some profit. The net have just resolved this problem, the site offers the help for all victims of scammers in the Internet, give advices and help to know if the lady with whom you are in touch is real or she has already had some bad rewiews about her in the forums. Everything starts with " black list " of future Ukrainian or Russian wives. 

This page gives you the possibility of visiting online already spotted profiles which were created to scam the single men. You can make the verification of woman on the site, read and know more information about her adress, city where she lives, work, etc and compare the information which you have about her. It must help you to understand if this woman is real or not. It's very important because like this you can decide to continue the communication oe relations with this woman or it will be better to stop them. The possibility of adding a swindler furthermore to this list is made easier since a quick inscription is enough and to add the name of profile on the page; it is moreover entirely without expenses.

The site has also a forum where the single men can exchange and discuss on various topics. The site offers free a basic control which leans on social networks to confront elements announced by the Ukrainian or Russian correspondent. The official check-in on papers of identity and passports cost 20 - 70 euro. You can make a paiment with a count Pay Pal. This verification takes no more than 2 or 3 days.

Finaly, we will do all to help you, provide a quick service and find the answer on your questions.